What is the difference between the stereoscopic camera and 360° cameras?

180° stereoscopic Camera

Stereoscopic 3D can add another level of immersion by adding depth data between the foreground and background. Your favorite 3D blockbuster films are typically shot with 2 lenses side by side, to give you a feeling of a different vantage point per eye. Like any production, this can look strange if poorly implemented, or absolutely amazing if done right.

360° Camera

A standard 360 video is just a flat equirectangular video displayed on a sphere. Think of it like the face of a world map on a globe, but with VR your head is on the inside of the globe looking at the inner surface. As you move, the head tracking on your device moves with you, giving you that feeling like you are at the scene.

*Zed is the stereoscopic camera. All stereoscopic camera which provides single video output shall be used with above link. The whole experience will remain same as stereoscopic.

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